Most Effective Team Building Activities to Drive your Business

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All across the business world, executives and HR departments are looking to get the most out of their employees. Increasing productivity increases profits – so what are the most effective team building activities to increase productivity in the workplace?

Team building activities can range from quick, five-minute icebreakers, to full-on day long events like a company barbecue. These types of events are generally thought of as “team building”, however they are far from the most impactful types of events when it comes to productivity.

Experts with the American Psychological Association say that an effective team building activity must be “designed to foster improvement within a team, providing individuals closely involved with the task with the strategies and information needed to solve their own problems” as opposed to a simply fun activity that boosts team morale for a few days.

Here are a few of the most effective team building activities and ideas that will help you get the most out of your employees!

Most Effective Team Building Activities to Drive your Business

  1. Bring in a Guest Speaker
  2. Complete a High Ropes or Challenge Course
  3. Office Show and Tell

Bring in a Guest Speaker

One of the best ways to get all of your employees on the same page is to bring in a guest speaker to discuss some of the factors that drive the most successful teams to the top. While this is not the most fun team building activity on the surface, it is certainly one that will directly impact productivity.

A guest speaker is likely to talk extensively on company culture and core values – two things that can boost employee engagement and are essential for a healthy workplace. Along with listening to the speaker, make sure to set aside time to debrief and have a dialogue amongst your coworkers about how to best incorporate team building traits into your day to day operations. Once your coworkers are familiar with the concepts of team building, it will be much easier to implement tactics and strategies tailored for your office.

If you’d like to learn more about the factors that make for effective team building, check out this blog post we wrote on what scientists say about teamwork in the workplace.

Complete a High Ropes or Challenge Course

group of adults completing a high ropes course for team building

Experts will say that one of the most important components to a strong team is having individuals that can think critically. What better way to challenge your critical thinking skills than attempting to maneuver a ropes or challenge course while suspended 15 feet in the air? A high ropes course can be a great simulation of making tough decisions in a highly stressful environment.

Strengthening your ability to make decisions in high stress situations is much like going on a run to improve cardio – the more you do it, the better you become at it. Just like with everything else, practice makes perfect, so finding activities that can emulate a high stress situation will make for better decision making when a truly stressful scenario comes around at work.

Office Show and Tell

This may seem like a bit of an oddball, but an office show and tell can actually help you get to know your coworkers on a much more personal level! Simply ask each member of your office or team to bring in an object to share. Everyone will present their object and explain why it is meaningful to them and answer any questions their coworkers may  have.

One of the factors that many experts in the field of team building stress as important is the feeling of psychological safety. Psychological safety is the unspoken level of trust between two individuals that allow for them to take risks without fear of negative repercussions. When people on a team feel psychologically safe together, they are more apt to take risks and display creative problem solving than if they do not share this level of comfort with their teammates.

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