How to Save Money on your Next Team Building Event!

Team building can be an expensive investment for any business. From paying for an activity the entire office can do, securing a venue, and providing food and drinks, it is easy to explode a team building budget very quickly. However, it is rather common for a team building budget to be underfunded! How can you provide a sweet team building activity on a shoestring budget? Here are some tips to save money on team building!

How to Save Money on your Next Team Building Event

  1. Stay in the office
  2. Find a food alternative
  3. Choose your event wisely
  4. Crowdsource

Stay in the Office

A great way to cut costs on team building activities is to host the activity in the office! By holding your team building event in the office, you eliminate all venue costs. No matter the size or shape of your office, there’s an event that will work for you. It’s all about getting creative! There are plenty of indoor team building activities that you could do in a space as small as your conference room.

For example, schedule an office show and tell. It’s just as it seems – everyone in the office will bring in an object to show their coworkers. They will then present their object and explain its significance to the rest of the office. This is a very simple and fun way to build chemistry and get to know your coworkers better.

Find a Food Alternative

One of the biggest expenses for any team building activity can be FOOD! Catering food for any event can be expensive, but there’s no need to cater your team building event if your budget is tight! Here are a couple alternatives to catering your team building event:

  • Do a potluck! Everyone can volunteer to bring in a dish and eat like royalty.
  • Get a spread or some hors d’oeuvres to snack on instead of a full meal.

Choose your Event Wisely

check list written in a notebookIt is absolutely essential to choose the right team building activity for your budget. There are a wide range of team building events out there in entirely different price ranges. A team building event planner must do their due diligence so they can fit an event within their budget.

Finding an activity within your budget doesn’t have to be difficult. By finding an activity that requires minimal supplies, and not much space, you can significantly cut the costs of your team building event.


group of young people performing yoga on the beachIf you’re looking for a very creative way to conduct your team building activity on a shoestring budget, crowdsource it to your office.

Crowdsource it to the office you say? What does that mean?

Exactly as it sounds. Find a coworker to volunteer their time and skills to lead a team building activity. Coworker passionate about yoga? Have them lead a yoga class! Coworker into board games? Run a board game day! The possibilities are endless.

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