How your Business can Reap the Benefits of Team Building

There’s plenty of talk about what kind of team building activities to do, or how often you should conduct them – but how do you make sure that your team is actually reaping the benefits of team building? This question isn’t as simple as it seems. For this post, we’re going to focus on the aspect of team building that is often neglected: team debriefing.

What is team debriefing? It’s simply time set aside after team building to discuss the challenges and obstacles faced throughout the activity. Although this is one of the simplest parts of a team building regimen, it is typically treated as an afterthought. A team debrief is one of the most important aspects of team building according to science. Here’s how your business can ensure a constructive team debrief for your next team building activity!

How to Reap the Benefits of Team Building

  1. Set away time for a team debrief
  2. Prepare questions
  3. Discuss company values

Set away time for a team debrief

Planning to set aside time for a team debrief before a team building activity starts is crucial. By knowing that a team debrief will follow a team building activity, your coworkers will begin thinking about the characteristics and traits that they are building on during the activity itself. This will give team members a head start on critically thinking about why certain values are important to the company.

By setting aside team debrief time prior to a team building activity, your team knows what to expect. Setting expectations for your team will add legitimacy to your team building exercise, and will also encourage your team to take the activity seriously rather than blowing it off.

Prepare questions

Now that your crew is prepared for a debrief, it’s time for your preparation! Have some questions ready for your coworkers to encourage an open discussion during your team’s debrief. Some questions that should be touched on during the debrief include:

  • How the activity connects to core values of the comapny
  • Why the traits of team building touched on during the activity are important to your business
  • What were the biggest takeaways from the team building exercise
  • What active and tangible steps can be taken to cement these elements of team building

Discuss company values

Of course, many of your questions will be geared toward your company’s core values. But what’s the most effective way to discuss your company’s core values?

It sounds cliché, but it could be best to start with your company’s mission statement. Core values are often directly derived from a company’s mission statement. What has your company set out to accomplish? Which traits are going to help you succeed in getting there? What parts of the mission statement are done well? Which parts are not done well?

Beyond your mission statement, ask your coworkers how they personally interpret core values. Asking what these values mean on a personal level can add depth and importance to the value – along with giving employees a personal stake in the values of the company.

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