How to Convince your Boss About Team Building

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Here at Team Building Kits, we know investing in team building is important. But does your boss?

It can be difficult to convince your boss about team building. Business resources are limited, margins are tight, and every dime spent matters. So why waste money on an activity that doesn’t even directly contribute to making a profit?

…Or so your boss says.

Although it can seem like a waste of money, experts in organizational psychology suggest that team building is essential to productivity and employment engagement.

Here’s how to convince your boss about team building!

1) Show them the research!

stack of binders on a bookshelfThere is a plethora of research on the topic of team building and its benefits. Despite all of this research, there are plenty of bosses, executives, and event planning committees, that don’t understand the importance of investment in team building.

To start, determine what you would like to accomplish with your team building activity and what benefits you’re looking to get out of an activity. Some examples would include, better communication, improving critical thinking, or clarifying roles.

Next, find some relevant research. Some resources for finding team building research include the American Psychological Association, Google Scholar, and Harvard Business Review. Once you find some research that is relevant to your team, discuss the findings with your boss!

2) Suggest some activities!

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There is no shortage of activities your office can do for team building, however, some are much more effective than others. There are team building activities that are primarily focused on having fun with your coworkers, while there are others that are specifically focused on the traits that make successful teams.

For your boss, an activity that is purely about fun and boosting team morale may not seem very worth it. However, an activity that will provide tangible results can be a much easier sell.

For example, your office can bring in a guest speaker to discuss the core values in the company. A company’s core values are at the soul of its operation. Giving employees a chance to buy into the company’s values will make them more engaged and more eager to work efficiently and productively.

3) Cost-Benefit Analysis

group putting hands in middle of circleOkay, you won’t have to detail a full cost-benefit analysis for your boss, but be prepared to explain the benefit of your chosen team building activity against how much the activity costs.

There are plenty of team building activities that won’t break your budget, some don’t even require any materials!

The most difficult part of convincing your boss to do a team building activity is proving that the money spent will be worth it in the long run. It may be necessary to start small, with cheap or free team building activities that only cost time. Then, as your office begins to buy into the idea of team building, continue to branch out with different activities as camaraderie continues to be built.

It is important to build a culture around team building in the office. Once your boss or event planning committee see that there is a commitment to team building, it is much more likely that they will be willing to spend some of their budget on a team building activity.

4) Ready for team building?

two teams competing in a team building activityHave you convinced your boss yet? Now it’s time to pick an activity!

Your first activity should be geared toward solidifying your company culture. This could be bringing in a guest speaker to discuss your company’s core values, or something as simple as an office “show and tell” where coworkers are able to learn more about one another.

Whatever you choose, the best time to start team building is NOW!

Did you convince your boss to do some team building? Suggest Team Building Kits, the all-in-one team building activity in a box!