How Often Should your Business Conduct Team Building Activities?

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So you know the importance of team building for your business – the question is how often should you conduct team building?

Of course there are many factors that go into this question. How big is your budget? How much time can you afford to spend on team building before seeing diminishing returns? There truly is a sweet spot for the frequency with which your company conducts team building events. Every company is different, but this post should help you identify the sweet spot for your company’s team building regimen.

When to Conduct Team Building

roman numeral clock embedded in a rockThe importance of picking the right day to conduct your team building event cannot be understated! Preferably, you’d like to pick a day where everyone is in the office, and there aren’t any important deadlines coming up.

Picking a day where coworkers are preoccupied with other tasks will prove detrimental to the team building activity. Getting employees to buy-in to a team building event can be challenging, especially with a busy work schedule. However, when employees are engaged, team building will yield more positive results.

Beyond the specific day you pick for your team building event, you want to make sure the timing of the event makes sense within the bigger picture of your company. Big project upcoming? Perfect time for a team building activity before you dive in! Has your team been lacking the creative spark they need on a current project? Perfect time to get the creative juices flowing!

The theory that “there is never a bad time to do team building” is false. In fact, most times are pretty inopportune for a team building activity! Team building is only effective when team members are truly dedicated to the idea that completing the activity will make them a stronger team.

Keeping a Consistent Schedule

calendar book laying on desk with yellow markerLike with any business initiative, it’s important that your team building program be kept on a consistent schedule. This could mean anything from quick weekly icebreakers, monthly meetings about company culture, quarterly team building events outside of the office, or a combination of some or all of these.

Keeping a consistently regimented team building schedule will help instill a culture of team building within your company. Companies often go wrong thinking that just one team building activity will produce noticeable improvements in teamwork. In reality, one team building activity is a small step in the right direction. Teams will not see true improvement in teamwork unless team building becomes a staple of company culture.

Avoiding Team Building Burnout

man with hand on his face acting tiredTeam building burnout can happen when employees are inundated with so many team building activities that they mentally “check-out” and become disengaged.

Striking a nice balance with your team building activities can help prevent burnout. This means switching up the types of team building you’re doing (think icebreakers versus off-site events), paying mind to the frequency with which you’re conducting team building, and making sure to introduce a diverse set of activities that will have everybody in the office excited about something.

Along with this (and to put it bluntly) don’t half-ass your team building events. There is no more surefire way to have disengaged employees for team building than doing an event that will put everyone to sleep. Make sure your team building activities are fun, exciting, and well executed! These will be your most effective team building events.

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