Best Human Resources Podcasts of 2019

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HR professionals can definitely benefit from listening to the best human resources podcasts. They offer daily insights, updated and focused content for specific audiences including Workforce Health Engagement, which is an HR podcast that grabs the attention of CEOs, HR executives, and other business leaders who care about creating a culture of wellness. Podcasts are great platforms for sharing HR insights, stories, tips, best practices, and more.

So, what is a podcast? A podcast is known as a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Podcasts are usually free and are available as a series or as new installments, which are received by subscribers automatically.  Another thing to note: Podcasts are IN—according to, 44 percent of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast.

Podcasts allow employees to carry on with their workday while tuning-in, which is especially helpful when it’s a work or professional-related podcast. Podcasts offer us insights about our health and wellness, professional growth, news and more. They offer us information to better our lives in the workplace and at home, and in some cases, are better than listening to classical music to enhance the mind. Since podcast access is virtually free depending on the device, they’re a more cost effective solution to gain workplace insights beyond just the internet or books.

To ensure that you’re accessing the top HR podcasts this year, here are 10 of the best HR-related podcasts you should consider subscribing to:‍

Best Human Resources Podcasts of 2019

  1. The Tim Ferriss Show
  2. Workforce Health Engagement by Jesse Lahey
  3. School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
  4. Redesigning Wellness Podcast by Jen Arnold
  5. Ask the HR Guru
  6. HR Happy Hour
  7. B2B Nation: HR
  8. DriveThruHR
  9. Hiring on all Cylinders
  10. Human Capital Institute Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show has been ranked as the #1 Business Podcast on iTunes. Tim is the best-selling author of “The Four-Hour Workweek” and is known as a self-experimenter. His episodes examine world-class performers, entrepreneurs, and athletes to reveal the tools, advice, tricks, and tips that made them successful.

Workforce Health Engagement by Jesse Lahey

If you’re looking for a podcast that focuses on employee health and productivity, this is the podcast for you. The host, Jesse Lahey, focuses on improving employee health and productivity in order to protect a company’s bottom-line by utilizing various strategies. Jesse’s podcasts bring these strategies to light, grabbing the attention of CEO’s, HR executives, and other business leaders who care about creating a culture of wellness.

School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

School of Greatness by Lewis Howes is a highly-rated HR podcast—ranking as the #1 business and self-development podcast on iTunes. This achievement is well-deserved, as Howes’ podcasts have been downloaded over 2 million times each month. Howes’ podcasts feature guests who are leaders in entrepreneurship, health and athletics, as well as mindset and relationship experts. Howes was a professional athlete, and has since spent his time running a multi-million dollar online business, successful business coach and speaker.

Redesigning Wellness Podcast by Jen Arnold

Redesigning Wellness Podcast focuses on corporate health and employee wellness. Arnold’s podcasts aim to help employers develop effective and strategic wellness programs that engage and motivate employees. She features guests from various specialties and backgrounds to discuss common issues and solutions for employee wellness programs. The podcasts are perfect for HR and wellness professionals who are looking to expand their corporate wellness initiatives and achieve higher participation rates.

Ask the HR Guru

HR specialists at HR Guru created a backlog of episodes that tackle some of the most pressing listener-submitted questions. Their podcasts focus on topics including social media’s role in job searches, resume insights, and even layoff preparations for both small and large-sized organizations.

HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane is the longest running and one of the top downloaded HR podcasts. Their podcasts focus on management, leadership, and workforce technology. This podcast is perfect for HR and wellness professionals who are looking to gain insights on the latest HR trends and management advice from some of the top leaders in the field of Human Resources.

B2B Nation: HR

B2B Nation: HR focuses on the technology advisory side of Human Resources. Their podcasts cover the latest emerging tech trends and how companies can integrate them. From the most tech savvy professionals to the least, B2B Nation: HR provides consumable podcasts for their audience.


Hiring on all Cylinders

Human Capital Institute Podcast

This is one of the industry’s longest running podcasts. The Human Capital Institute features over 270 episodes and covers a wide range of HR-related and workforce management topics. This includes how to apply HR data effectively, recruiting, and how to create an excellent employer brand.

Best Human Resources Podcasts FAQ

What are the Best Podcasts to Listen to?

These aren’t HR-specific podcasts, but if you’re looking to branch out, some of the top podcasts include: The 30 for 30 Podcast, Armchair Expert, Atlanta Monster, Criminal, Dirty John, Disgraceland, My Favorite Murder, S-Town, Dr. Death, Over My Dead Body, the Drop Out, and Serial. If you like murder mysteries, these podcasts mostly fall in the Crime/Drama category and would go quite well with our Team Building Kits!

What were the Best Podcasts of 2018?

Recently, published an article on the top podcasts for 2018. A few of these podcasts on this list include: I’m Afraid That, Deck The Hallmark, Armchair Expert, Blank Check, The Rewatchables, Who? Weekly, and In The Dark.

What are the Best Free Podcasts?

iHeart Radio offers free podcasts including their most popular: The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Monster – The Zodiac Killer, and The Joe Rogan Experience. iHeart Radio offers several podcast categories including: Black History Month, Podcast Award Winners, Comedy, Business and Finance, Crime, Games and Hobbies, Health, Entertainment, Food, Kids and Family, News, Politics, Paranormal, Relationships, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, Spirituality, and Sports.

How do I Find Free Podcasts?

Podcasts for iOS can be found in the App Store. To subscribe to a podcast, just tap Subscribe on the individual podcast’s page within the app. To play the podcast, tap on any episode. If you would like to download an episode, simply tap the iCloud icon within the episode list.

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