8 Fun Games to Play at Work with Coworkers

game of pictionary with small pencil game pieces

Sometimes it’s necessary to take some time to unwind with your coworkers and play a game! Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, casual, or intense, playing a game can be a great way to break up the monotony of the work grind. Take a look at these 8 fun games that you can play with your coworkers!

8 Fun Games to Play with your Coworkers at Work

  1. Jeopardy!
  2. Blindfold Puzzle
  3. Team Building Kits
  4. Pictionary
  5. Egg Drop Challenge
  6. Office Scavenger Hunt
  7. Wiffle Ball
  8. Two Truths and a Lie


behind the scenes at a jeopardy taping with game board in backgroundA game of Jeopardy is a perfect way to break up the monotony of work life and test your trivia knowledge against your coworkers! Break up into teams, or play solo. Make sure to diversify the Jeopardy categories, throw in a Double Jeopardy or two, and make a challenging Final Jeopardy question for everyone to enjoy! Try JeopardyLabs to make your own Jeopardy game online!

Blindfold Puzzle

woman with brown hair and brown blindfold touching her faceMake sure you have a bit of open space to move around for this one. First, split your group into two teams and have each team designate one captain. Your captain will be the only teammate without a blindfold. The rest of your team will pair up with another member of the team and lock arms while blindfolded. Once the game begins, the team captain is tasked with leading their blindfolded teammates to retrieve puzzle pieces hidden around the space using only their voice. Once a team collects all of their puzzle pieces, they can remove their blindfolds and begin to solve the puzzle. The first team to successfully solve the puzzle wins!

Team Building Kits

man in office setting looking across table to read documentOur personal favorite 😉 Team Building Kits offers an all-in-one office game in a box! From the same team as murder mystery subscription box Hunt A Killer, Team Building Kits fits all of the fun of a true crime mystery into a 90 minute problem solving activity that you can bring anywhere. Perfect for a company retreat, or just a quick afternoon activity, Team Building Kits provides an easy and flexible opportunity to enjoy an immersive game experience with your coworkers!


game of pictionary with small pencil game piecesAn all-time classic game, Pictionary, will get your office excited with minimal planning, cost, or effort! Here’s how it works. The office will be split into two even teams, while one person will be the game runner. To start the game, each team will pick one player to draw the first picture. The game runner will show the artists from both teams a card indicating what they have to draw. The artist will then begin to draw a picture with the goal of having their team guess the word on the card. Whichever team guesses the word from the card first receives a point! Play as many rounds as you’d like and see which team comes out on top!

Egg Drop Challenge

pile of brown and white eggs stacked on one anotherThe Egg Drop Challenge is the perfect game to bring into the office. Take a carton of eggs, and any sort of office supplies you have on hand – pencils, erasers, paper clips, rubber bands – you name it. Next, find an elevated surface such as a staircase or overlook. Now, with your office supplies and an egg, create a contraption that will prevent the egg from cracking when dropped off your elevated surface. Whichever teams can successfully drop the egg without a crack wins!

Office Scavenger Hunt

man and woman completing scavenger hunt near a sculptureAn office scavenger hunt can get everyone moving while trying to decipher hints and clues that will lead you to the final destination! The best part about a scavenger hunt: you can make the clues as difficult or as easy as you would like. Are you looking to really challenge your team and test their problem solving ability? Give some difficult clues! Are you looking for a more relaxed activity to promote camaraderie? Make the clues a little bit easier! A scavenger hunt is very flexible, can be as long, short, easy, or difficult as you’d like! Check out some ideas for your scavenger hunt here!

Wiffle Ball

wiffle ball bat and wiffle ball laying in a grass yardWant to get outside with your coworkers? Wiffle Ball is a great activity to promote teamwork while competing against your coworkers. A perfect game for all skill levels, wiffle ball allows everyone in the office to swing for the fences in a casual sporting setting.

Two Truths and a Lie

group sitting around bonfire at sunset in desertIf you’re looking to get to know your coworkers a little better, Two Truths and a Lie is a fun activity to learn some fun facts about those you work with. Here’s how it works. First, in your group, pick one person to begin the game. This person will make three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is false. Then, the rest of the group will discuss which of the three statements given was a lie. It is important for the person making the statements to disguise their lie well enough to make it challenging for the rest of the group to guess. After everyone in your group has had a turn, you’ll have learned a lot about the rest of your team!

Looking for a great game to play with your coworkers? Try Team Building Kits!