6 Signs it’s Time to Invest in Team Building (in 2019)

group of coworkers in a meeting behind a glass window

Your team is your most valuable asset, so it’s important to make sure you invest in team building! Having a team that knows how to work together can give your business a huge boost, but there are some real challenges to productive team work. How do you know if your team could benefit from team building? Here are some of the biggest signs.

6 Signs it’s Time to Invest in Team Building

  1. Workers Don’t Know Each Other
  2. Everyone Has “Found Their Place”
  3. Productivity isn’t Increasing
  4. Your Employees aren’t Getting Along
  5. They Don‘t Understand Your Company’s Values
  6. Everyone Seems Fatigued

Workers Don’t Know Each Other

Well, that’s a good place to start. How can your team effectively work together if they don’t know anyone? This can make it intimidating to confront fellow employees when a problem arises. Just because people have different duties doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from meeting one another. When you’re ready to do a quick team building activity, make sure you aren’t just making salespeople team up with other salespeople. Mix and match and let sparks fly!

Everyone Has Found Their Place

But not in a good way. If your meetings always have two or three people who speak for the team while everyone else is too uncomfortable to express their opinions, it’s time to make a change. Find a team building activity that gives everyone a chance to take the lead. Maybe throw a scavenger hunt with two competing teams. Put all the opinionated leaders on one team and the quieter members on another. That will give the quieter group a platform to showcase their leadership skills.

Productivity isn’t Increasing

Maybe things around the office are pretty good. Everyone is getting their work done, there aren’t any office dramas or break room feuds, and you’re turning a good profit and maintaining leads. That’s great, but do things seem a bit stagnant? Even if your team gets along, it’d be even better if they did more than just get by. Try giving them a team building day that focuses on innovation, like the some of the activities we talk about in our ultimate list of outdoor team building activities.

Your Employees aren’t Getting Along

Even if your productivity and sales are increasing, having a caustic work environment will only hold your team back. If you recognize that some tension or conflict is going on, act as quickly as possible to fix it. The overall effectiveness of your team is limited by its weakest links, and an office feud can cause even your best employee to underperform. Bringing a fun and non-competitive team building activity in could help mend some relationships and get everyone working well together again.

They Don‘t Understand Your Company’s Values

You know those employees who just don’t seem to understand why their job is important? Maybe they’re great workers who bring a lot to the table, but if they don’t get your company’s values or goals, then they just don’t have the whole picture. If you notice this, it’s time to bring in some team building activities. These are a great way to show your workers the role they play in the bigger picture.

Everyone Seems Fatigued

Employee burnout is a serious problem with lasting effects. Even a fun weekend off work isn’t enough to get fatigued employees back on track. They’re going to be tired, irritable, unproductive, and just unhappy. You don’t want to do that to them, and you don’t want burned-out employees bringing down the rest of the team. Giving your workers some time to enjoy a fun time together outside of normal work routines can help them unwind and reduce fatigue.

Investing in Team Building Activities FAQ

When Should you use a Team Building Activity?

Team building activities will benefit any company, but some need to implement them more than others. If your team is fatigued, under-performing, fighting with each other, or just needs to learn how to work together effectively, then these activities can make a big difference. Consider shaking things up with a fun activity. By doing some team building activities, your employees can learn more about each other’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help them work together both in and out of the office. 

What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities?

It’s probably hard for your team members to get to know one another during the workday. Maybe they know their desk neighbors, but they may never get the chance to talk to people in different parts of the office. Workers tend to take lunch breaks with people they already know, and by the end of the day, they just want to go home. Hosting team building activities will give them a chance to meet new workers. It’s also a great stress reliever, and it teaches them invaluable lessons that are immediately applicable to the office.

What Type of Team Building Activity Should you use?

Depending on your goals, some team building activities will be more effective than others. If you’re trying to calm tensions in the office, hosting a highly competitive activity might make things worse–especially if employees are allowed to pick their own teams. Instead, an activity where the team works as a group could be helpful. You could also create teams in a way that forces office foes to work with one another. On the other hand, if you’re trying to give your team a chance to relax after a few days of draining work, then activities like fun outdoor picnic games, scavenger hunts, or a potluck, would be better than physically demanding activities. 

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