5 Sales Team Building Activities for a Winning Culture

group of coworkers debriefing after completing a team building activity

Building a successful sales staff can take time and finding the right talent with the right qualities can be a monumental task. Some of these qualities might include the ability to listen, having empathy, hunger to win, competitiveness, networking ability, confidence, enthusiasm, and resiliency. One of the key elements to a winning sales team culture is providing ongoing training and motivation. At times, sales teams can take on their own individual culture. Pulling their attention away from that individuality and into a team-oriented challenge can be just what the doctor ordered.

Team building challenges can help boost productivity and build a solid foundation for a thriving culture.  A recent study showed that highly-engaged businesses see a 20 percent increase in sales production, and 60 percent of employees eat lunch alone at their desk while working. These are telling statistics that scream “team building wanted!” If your organization is in need of team building, here are 5 sales team building activities that are sure to develop a winning culture:

5 Sales Team Building Activities for a Winning Culture

  1. Escape Rooms
  2. Scavenger Hunts
  3. Cook it Up in the Kitchen
  4. Get Charitable
  5. Mystery Games

Escape Rooms

rusted metal lock on door for escape roomEscape rooms have become very popular over the last several years and would be a great option for a sales team building activity. The escape room challenges are a great test for team building and problem solving skills. Split the teams up evenly into groups based on their diverse skill sets rather than similar skill sets. A diverse team provides the opportunity for each member to invest their skills equally among the team. The challenge will be different for each group. When the team has successfully escaped from the room, have group members discuss their challenges over lunch. Ask them to describe what went well and not so well, how did each team member show their skill sets to solve the challenge, and where could they have improved for better results?

Scavenger Hunts

man and woman completing scavenger hunt near a sculptureThis classic activity is a great option for sales team building as well. Sort the individuals into even teams and make sure that each member of the team has a different skill set. Scavenger hunts can be performed in the office, but they’re often thought of as an outdoor activity, If you plan it to take place outside, provide the teams with a list of items that includes puzzles, fun clues, and other challenges. After the scavenger hunt, ask the teams to meet at a location (bar, restaurant, event space) for happy hour. This allows the entire group to network, laugh, and carry on about their scavenger hunt experience.

Cook it Up in the Kitchen

woman cutting fresh herbs with silver knife on a cutting boardGather your team or organization at a team member’s or manager’s house for an evening of cooking. Pick a fun recipe or two and give everyone on the team a task, whether it’s prepping, cooking, baking or project managing the recipe. When the food is ready to eat, have everyone share their experience—what they enjoyed about their cooking assignment, and where they could have improved. It’s also nice to be able to relax in a home setting, and welcoming other team members into a home elevates the working relationship to one that now includes a bit more familiarity and friendship.

Get Charitable

woman's hands being held out with change and note that says make a changeEmployees who find meaning in their work often show greater amounts of dedication and motivation because they feel wanted. There are many options when it comes to charitable team building activities including B1G1, a company that helps organizations tie sales to corporate giving. Add this to the sales KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), so that when sales staff complete milestones, the company sends money to their favorite charity. Other options include Habitat for Humanity, where staff helps build affordable homes, all while learning new trade skills, and working together as a team to accomplish a greater good for their community.

Mystery Games

Bakers Dozen box from Team Building KitsMystery games are currently all the rage and we see why—they’re addicting! They’re like escape rooms that have more context and can be done anywhere. We at Team Building Kits offer fun and unique mystery boxes that immerse your team in an immersive problem solving experience. Team Building Kits’ high-quality, hand-crafted clues will get your sales team lost in the fictional worlds we create and will make you feel like a true detective. Each box takes about 90 minutes to solve and all of your team members will be fully engaged and engrossed in solving the box. Ensure the activity setting allows for conversation and effective communication amongst the team, and encourage group discussion after the 90 minutes is up.

Sales Team Building Activities

What are the Best Team Building Activities?

It really depends on the activity and how it fits into your organization’s objectives and goals. Some of the best activities incorporate a high-level of employee-to-employee engagement. One of those as mentioned before is Team Building Kits. Games that require teams to work together and solve a mystery are a fun way for teammates to get closer to one another. A friendly competition is another good idea to think about, especially for sales teams. A study by Frost & Sullivan showed that 80 percent of global sales executives do goal-oriented competitions. An example of a friendly competition includes quarterly recognition activities for the most sales in a week, month, or year.

What are some Team Building Activities?

Additional team building activities include team fitness tracking where employees are encouraged to walk away from their desks to get the most steps. Companies can incorporate a group fitness activity at the office to help employees reach their move goals. Provide employees with prizes for reaching those goals each month to increase motivation and participation. At the end of every month, ask employees to submit responses listing their goals and how they were able to or not able to achieve them. Fitness activities could include step challenges through companies like A Step Ahead where employees add up the number of steps they take each day and at the end of the month have to reach a certain step goal. Steps can be counted with a fitness tracker like FitBit or health apps on an iPhone or Android. Another team building activity might be recreational sports like co-ed softball, volleyball, bowling, or laser tag. Over the course of a recreational sport season, individuals work together and communicate outside the workplace to solve a common goal.

What are Quick and Easy Team Building Exercises?

There are many great team building exercises that are quick and easy. Beyond what has already been mentioned, you could incorporate a “Thank You Friday.” Every Friday, employees take the time to recognize another team member’s contributions to the team and/or their community. Employees share a thank you to the team members who helped them with a project, training on a certain task, or donated time for a charitable cause.

How do you Bring a Sales Team Together?

Any team building activity is a great way to bring a sales team closer together, but aside from that, plan some lunches and happy hours throughout the quarter or try doing 10-minute meetings a few times a week to discuss the latest happenings. Ask sales team members to open up about what has made them successful. Encouraging successful team members to share their insights can be a real boost to the sales team’s productivity and culture.

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