5 Must-Read Books to Build Strong Teams

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Building a strong team is essential for an organization’s success.

Henry Ford said it best, “Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This school of thought should be ingrained throughout an organization, but it’s easier said than done. Everyone wants to be a part of a well-oiled team, but there will inevitably be speed bumps throughout the journey.

Every successful team and organization is founded on culture, communication, and collaboration. Avoiding pitfalls that stain a team’s ability to work cohesively can help establish a better workflow and production. How do we avoid these pitfalls and build a better organization harnessing the power of teams?

Here are some books to build strong teams in 2019!

5 Must-Read Books to Build Strong Teams

  1. Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High
  2. Pulling Together – 10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork
  3. The 100/0 Principle – The Secret of Great Relationships
  4. Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do – 50 Ways to Motivate Your Team
  5. You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School: And Other Simple Truths of Leadership

Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High by: K. Patterson, J. Grenny, R. McMillan, A. Switzler, S. Covey

Crucial conversations take place frequently throughout our lives, and they’re often ones we remember. These types of conversations might include family, school, career, work, public engagements, and recreational activities. This book explains how to manage crucial conversations for success as opposed to avoiding them or providing a poor response with consequential results. Tools include a six-minute mastery technique to prepare for impactful situations, having safe conversations about anything, more persuasion and less abrasiveness, continue listening while others lose their cool, and turn crucial conversations into successful actions and results.

Pulling Together – 10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork by: J. Murphy

If a boost in team performance is what you’re looking for, this is a must-read. This book can help establish synergy through building trust for better camaraderie and demanding excellence. Every rule in this book offers photographs, quotes, thought-provoking questions, and intelligent actionable insights. This book is great for any career-minded individual in any department, including management, leadership, coaches, and employees.

The 100/0 Principle – The Secret of Great Relationships by: A. Ritter

Building healthy relationships in the workplace can always help boost team performance. “The 100/0 Principle” helps establish better workplace relationships. The book’s author, Al Ritter works with CEOs, leaders, and teams who commit themselves to achieving remarkable results. Ritter also delivers speeches, seminars, and workshops to promote healthier workplace relationships. “The 100/0 Principle” also helps improve relationships outside the workplace, from better family relationships to establishing quality friendships.

Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do – 50 Ways to Motivate Your Team by: B. Nelson

Collaboration and efficiency within a team is essential to successful workflows and production. “Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do – 50 Ways to Motivate Your Team,” is sure to uncover insights that help boost workplace production with improved collaboration and efficiency. This book helps identify individual team members’ unique skill sets, and clearly defines their contributions to the team’s production. Along the way, readers will recognize qualities that already exist within their team while building a more dynamic group. The book includes team building tips, helpful quotes, and real-life examples.

You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School: And Other Simple Truths of Leadership by: M. Anderson

As leaders, making the right decisions in hiring employees that align with the company’s values is key when it comes to building successful teams. Employees can learn new skills and hone in on existing qualities to boost team performance, however, leaders can’t teach desire, drive, and personality. The book’s author, Mac Anderson, pours 30 years of experience into helping managers and leaders recognize truths in maintaining resourcefulness and accessibility in a leadership role. Readers can use Anderson’s insights to hire exceptional employees, and help change thinking and learning to better communicate with the team.

Best Books to Build Strong Teams FAQ

What are the Three most Important Things Needed for Effective Teamwork in the Workplace?

There are many tools out there to help support effective teamwork in the workplace. The first tool is commitment and trust. When a team is committed to success through motivation and purpose, they begin to trust one another to achieve overall objectives. The second element is communication. Without effective communication within a team or organization, trust cannot be built, and production weakens. The third element to effective teamwork in the workplace is establishing a diverse set of team capabilities. “Pulling Together – 10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork,” by John Murphy, is a great book for establishing a diverse set of skills within a team to build better camaraderie and demand excellence.

What is the Key to Developing a Good Team?

To develop a good team, elements include communication, transparency, diverse capabilities, and trust. The key for any team is effective communication. By establishing a good base of communication, a team is able to trust in organizational transparency, and the individual capabilities of members within a team.

How do you Create a New Team?

Often, leaders are tasked with developing a new team that will meet or exceed goals and expectations in their organization. There are six crucial functions that can help create a successful team. MIT outlines mission, goals, roles and responsibilities, setting ground rules, decision-making, and establishing an effective group process as crucial functions to create a successful team.

How can I Make my Team Better?

In many cases, teams have already been established, and therefore, gaining insights to make crucial adjustments are most helpful for leadership. John Hall of Forbes.com lists 12 different ways a leader can build a phenomenal team, including never settling for mediocre, thought leadership, forgetting money at first, importance of personal lives, maintaining systematic processes, innovation through diversity, create friendships, play to employee strengths, reading together, investing in early hires, and giving more recognition.

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