4 Burnout-Beating Tips to Boost Your Bottomline

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The funny thing about burnout is that it’s the product of overworking. By trying to boost your bottomline, we end up exhausting ourselves to the point where we can’t work at all, and we sort of exist in this uninspired, paralyzed state. In this way, trying to get things done too zealously can backfire. This is bad news for any company, so business owners should always have preventative strategies to avoid burnout in mind. Here are a few things that can make dealing with burnout easier:

4 Burnout-Beating Tips to Boost Your Bottomline

  1. Know How to Spot Burnout
  2. As the Employer, See what Stressors you can Control
  3. Encourage Employees to Relax
  4. Always Recognize Hard Work

Know How to Spot Burnout

Before you can effectively treat or prevent burnout in the office, you need to be able to identify it. Keep in mind, even employees who are suffering from it might just think that they’re tired or not feeling great. They will probably keep pushing themselves through the work day, not realizing that it will only make things worse.

If you notice that they aren’t showing up on time or that the quality of their work has diminished, that might be a sign that they’re feeling overworked. If they’ve also become more aggressive, quiet, stressed out, or disengaged, that’s even more of a reason to think they’re burned out. Make sure you talk to them about it, because it might just be an external problem that has nothing to do with work, like a medical or family issue. If it really is burnout, then you’ll want to take the next few tips seriously.

As the Employer, See what Stressors you can Control

While you’re talking to your employees about burnout, figure out what stressors are under your control. For instance, if you don’t have all the equipment necessary for them to efficiently work, then finding room in the budget for upgrades could be worthwhile. Maybe the problem is that you’re assigning a lot of work to your top employees and they’re having trouble maintaining their high standards. By changing up the workload, this is an easy fix. If company culture is the culprit, then taking steps to create a safe and constructive environment can help. Regardless, talking to your employees about what they think would help should yield useful answers.

Encourage Employees to Relax

A lot of office-induced stress can be lessened by telling your employees that it’s okay to relax every now and then at work. Dedicating a corner of the office as a meet-up point for socializing or increasing the length of breaks can help keep everyone calm and ready to get back to work. Little things like office picnics and barbecues could go a long way. You could also host a team building activity to give everyone a fun time while still being productive – it’s a great way to get boost team cohesion and unwind.

Always Recognize Hard Work

A major issue for many employees is feeling underappreciated. It’s hard for workers to show up every day and do good work only for it to go completely unacknowledged. If that continues, then employees won’t feel like the work is worth all the effort. Their job will become tedious and unrewarding, and that’s the perfect formula for burnout. To keep your employees engaged and energized, you need to show them that you appreciate their hard work. That could come in the form of providing feedback when they tackle a big project or incentivizing high performers with bonuses, awards, or promotions. Regardless, just let them know when they’re doing a good job. It goes a long way.

Ways to Beat Employee Burnout FAQ

What is Burnout?

Simply put, burnout is a sense of physical and mental exhaustion that results from prolonged work-related stress. If your employees seem drained and unprepared to face another day of work, that could be a sign that burnout is at play. Burnout might also manifest itself emotionally through impatience, moodiness, and frustration that seems out of character. This often leads to employees taking days off, showing up a bit late, or being all-around inefficient. It can also pave the way to more serious problems like depression and trouble managing personal relationships. 

What Causes Employee Burnout?

Burnout is an extremely common problem, and no one is immune to it. As we’ve discussed, plenty of factors can contribute to it. The workplace might be a toxic environment, your employees might have workloads that are too intense, their equipment could be too outdated to handle projects effectively, they might not be receiving enough recognition to make their job feel important, or any other office-related stressor could be the culprit. Regardless, burnout is no joke and it can seriously throw a wrench into your production plans. Thankfully, by talking it out with your employees, you can get some good ideas about how to fix it.

How can you Prevent Burnout?

There are plenty of ways to prevent employee burnout, but it isn’t always clear which one will work best for your company. In some workplaces, the issue may involve the company culture. Maybe it’s highly competitive and toxic, leading workers to experience significant stress with little to no sense of accomplishment. In that case, espousing a healthier culture could help. On the other hand, if the problem involves tight deadlines and a lack of recognition, then loosening up standards and giving your employees the appreciation they need might be the ticket. No matter what’s going on, you can talk to your employees to figure out the problem and devise a solution. 

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